Facilities Capital Improvement

A Department in Facilities



What is the difference between a major capital project and a minor capital project?

  • ❖ A major project has a budget of $500,000 or greater
  • ❖ A minor project has a budget less than $300,000

What are some of the variables involved in project establishment?

  • ❖ Type of project requested (new building, renovation of existing building, etc.)
  • ❖ Time of fiscal year the request is made
  • ❖ Project funding source(s)
  • ❖ Whether the Legislature is in short-or long-session

How may a capital project be funded?

  • ❖ State appropriations
  • ❖ Grants
  • ❖ Self-liquidating dollars
  • ❖ Gifts
  • ❖ A combination of two or more of these funding sources